A Matter of Perspective

I look up to the mountains;

does my strength come from mountains?

No, my strength comes from God,

who made heaven, and earth, and mountains.

He won’t let you stumble,

your Guardian God won’t fall asleep.

Not on your life! Israel’s

Guardian will never doze or sleep.

God’s your Guardian,

right at your side to protect you —

Shielding you from sunstroke,

sheltering you from moonstroke.

God guards you from every evil,

he guards your very life.

He guards you when you leave and when you return,

he guards you now, he guards you always.

Psalm 121 (MSG)

A mighty fortress is our God, a bulwark never failing

Our Helper He, amid the flood of mortal ills prevailing

For still our ancient foe doth seek to work us woe

His craft and pow’r are great, and, armed with cruel hate

On earth is not his equal

“A Mighty Fortress is Our God” by Martin Luther

There is a wonderful story in the Old Testament. It concerns the prophet Elisha. His prophecies had up set a foreign king, so the king sent his army to capture and kill Elisha. In the morning, Elisha’s servant wakes up and sees that their house has been surrounded. He panics and calls for Elisha to look. When Elisha looks out the window, he seems undaunted.

The servant doesn’t understand. Elisha prays that the servant’s eyes will be opened. When this happens, he sees that the enemy army is surrounded by a spiritual army complete with mighty warrior angels and chariots of fire. Suddenly the enemies don’t seem so bad. In the end, it was a matter of perspective. (2 Kings 6:8–17)

We must remember that God is on our side. As Paul said, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31).

When we find ourselves in a situation that is bigger than we are, it is natural to turn to something else for help. Our success depends on where we turn for help.

There are many places that we can turn to for help, but most will only make the situation worse. I think of the quote for the great philosopher Homer Simpson, “Beer, the cause of and solution to all our problems.”

What we see in this psalm is that our best help, and in many cases our only help, comes from God. It reminds us that God is on our side. That He cares about us. That He is always watching over us. And that He sees everything in our lives. We just must turn to Him and cry for help.

No matter what you are facing today, God is right there with you. With God on your side, nothing will stand in your way.



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Gary Oswald

A writer, blogger, bookish person and productivity geek. My interests range from creativity, travel, photography, poetry, to theology and philosophy.